「上海,在雨中」Shanghai, in the Rain——中日韩青年艺术家群展

2018年7月7日 12:00 ~ 2018年7月29日 21:00













Takuma KAMINE_8 Gardiens, the Vidya No.5 Vajrayaksa_Epoxy resin, Resin casting, Resin plaster, Metal_20×20×35cm_2017_s.jpeg

上根 拓馬 Takuma KAMINE_护法-金刚夜叉明王


李 允馥 Yunbok LEE_Body_Stainless Steel, Forging_34×13×63cm_2017_s.jpg

李 允馥 Yunbok LEE_Body_不锈钢


谢 艾格 Aige XIE_梦想成真 Dream will coming_Golden_玻璃钢 FRP_27×27×68cm_2008_s.jpg

谢 艾格 Aige XIE_梦想成真_玻璃钢


宋 永华 Yonghua SONG_峯上更有景 More view on the peak_Oil on canvas_90×90cm_2015_s.jpg

宋 永华 SONG Yonghua_峯上更有景_布面油画


张秦 Jin JANG_Poetic Moment 7_Acylic on Canvas_Diameter 40_2018_s.jpg

张秦 Jin JANG_Poetic Moment_布面丙烯


Shanghai, in the Rain

When the bluish-purple hydrangeas are blooming everywhere, which means in Tokyo the plum rain season, which we call Huang Meitian in Chinese is coming soon.

In former years, it was the season when the continuous rainy days and muggy and humid weather made people feel gloomy, but recently someone who falls in love with the plants says that she loves rain a lot. In childhood, the scene of dancing in the rain in novel Lady Chatterley’s Lover that I peeped on my teacher’s bookshelf was unforgettable. What’s even more unforgettable is that in the old movie, Audrey Hepburn asked her boyfriend not to open an umbrella in rainy Paris no matter what. Whatever happens in the rain makes me feel nostalgic, which also becomes a solid excuse for me not to take umbrella all the time.

Our different stories with sentimental, mysterious or unassuming tune resonate in the rain. 

In the process of trying to free the real or unreal delusion, the secret addiction could be enjoyed. In the rain, the wind is blowing and you are waiting for me. 

The five artists who are from China, Japan and South Korea respectively and will exhibit their works this time are all elegant and calm, just like the far sky of early morning in Tokyo at four o’clock or poetic Huang Meitian in Shanghai. 

Two years ago at the Art Fair Tokyo I saw the work of Japanese sculptor Takuma KAMINE. The Buddha in the temple of Kyoto is the prototype of his work while the shadow of Star Wars makes us feel being trapped in the past and future and indulge in passing through the illusion. It is the vitality of magic-possessed sculpture. 

The work of South Korean sculptor Yunbok LEE is tranquil but not mediocre as well as slender but not weak. It contains undercurrent and can invade and occupy your thought while make you feel unforgettable, just like the power is releasing within the body of a weak woman. 

As early as ten years ago I just thought the work of Aige XIE made you feel that you want to own it but couldn’t dare to. Just like carefully being addicted to the person you love without approaching or possessing for fear that it will spoil the original intact and perfect atmosphere.

The forthright, clean and pure characteristics of Yonghua SONG’s work reflects who he is, just like a delicate margin without refutation and flowery speech. 

Jin JANG is an artist whose works are poetic. As the professor of Daegu University, he likes to paint moonlight and the shadow of the tree as well as draws the secret faraway in an obscure and poetic way. He seems to cry that you must have a dream in the daylight, which is real and also unreal. Then you can look on the secular world. In the dream surely someone will understand my value. That is the open secret I peep in his works.

Shanghai, in the rain. The poetic drizzle couldn't wet your hem of clothes. The wind is blowing gently. What in potential is ruin and also rebirth. What left is real marks. It's good to be alive because we still have many opportunities to enjoy the sunshine.







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