HOW讲座 | 瓦莱里亚·马塔《谁的作品?“复制”的观念与想象》

Sun, 10 Mar 2019 15:00:00 GMT ~ Sun, 10 Mar 2019 16:30:00 GMT
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我们为何如此在意“原创性”?当得知一件艺术作品实乃抄袭之作,我们感到愤怒或不满的背后潜藏了什么样的理念与价值观?2019年第二位昊驻留策展人人类学家瓦莱里亚·马塔(Valeria Mata)将带来讲座《谁的作品?“复制”的观念与想象》。

Why do we care so much about whether something is original? What conceptions and values make us react with indignation and scandal when we find out an artwork is a copy? Valeria Mata, the second curator-in-residence of 2019 of HOW International Curatorial Residency Program, will give a talk about “Who Owns the Work? Conceptions and Imaginaries of Copying”.


时间:2019年3月10日(周日)15:00 – 16:30

Time: March 10, 2019 (Sun.) 15:00 – 16:30

主讲:瓦莱里亚·马塔(Valeria Mata)| 人类学家

Guest: Valeria Mata (anthropologist)


Language: English



Venue: Business Center, 1F Onehome Art Hotel (next to HOW Art Museum)

No.2299 Zuchongzhi Road, Pudong, Shanghai


  About the Lecture  

Paco Lara-Barranco,《Copie Cuidadosamente》,纸上打印

Copie Cuidadosamente, Paco Lara-Barranco, ink on pape


Copia, Roman goddess of abundance


Copying, plagiarism, appropriation, and intertextuality are all controversial subjects. Copying, typically punished in the artistic and creative realm, is generally considered an unethical practice charged with social repudiation, a threat to “originality.” 


The Plagiarism Library Project, 2018


However, it is important to acknowledge that the demands of authenticity and social sanctions on copying can vary between cultures, as well as between different artistic fields. The act of copying or plagiarism is hardly a universal transgression, as is typically asserted.


Plagie, copie, manipule, robe, reescriba este libro (“Plagiarize, Copy, Modify, Steal, Rewrite This Book”), Not only Valeria Mata, 2018

在此次驻留讲座中,来自来自墨西哥的研究者、策展人瓦莱里亚·马塔将专注于她的近期项目“抄袭、复制、修改、窃取、重写此书”(Plagie, copie, manipule, robe, reescriba este libro)。同名论文已于2018年出版,文中她批判性地考察了多个已经规范化的概念,其中包含原创性、创作天赋、艺术品作为私人财产等。

In the lecture, the residential researcher Valeria Mata will focus on her recent project “Plagiarize, Copy, Modify, Steal, Rewrite This Book”, in which she examines and critically questions various concepts that have been normalized, such as originality, the genius of original authorship, and works of art as private property.

左:Hugo Gernsback,隔离头盔,1925


L: The Isolator helmet, by Hugo Gernsback, 1925

R: Dong Qichang: Wanluan Thatched Hall, hanging scroll, ink and light colors on paper, 1597. Private collection, Taipei


  About the Lecturer  

瓦莱里娅·马塔(Valeria Mata)是一位社会人类学家、编辑和研究者。 自2015年起,马塔开始负责管理项目“MUEVE”,该项目旨在建立促进墨西哥和拉丁美洲独立出版流通替代性渠道的平台。

在过去五年中,她在拉丁美洲的数个艺术书展代理墨西哥的独立编辑出版项目。 2016年,她联合组织了在墨西哥普埃布拉举办的独立出版书展“其他书籍,其他形式”(Otros Libros · Otras Formas,OLOF)。该书展包括关于墨西哥独立编辑和出版议题的工作坊、表演及特邀嘉宾对谈。


Otros Libros·Otras Formas (Other Books·Other Models, OLOF) book fair for independent publishers in Puebla, Mexico, 2016

Valeria Mata is a social anthropologist, editor, and researcher. Since 2015, she has directed the project MUEVE, a roving platform that aims to foster alternative channels for circulating independent Mexican and Latin American publications.

For the last five years, she has represented independent Mexican editorial projects at several art book fairs in Latin America. In 2016, she co-organized Otros Libros·Otras Formas (Other Books · Other Models, OLOF), a book fair for independent publishers in Puebla, Mexico, which included workshops, performances, and conversations with guest speakers about independent editing and publishing in Mexico.





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